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Welcome to the Hubermanac!

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Coming to this site on February 6th, 2024.

With a mission of spreading Huberman's scientific findings and condensing them into an easy-to-read book,

we're dedicated to making the science of becoming healthier and happier more accessible to all.


That's why the book is 100% free.


In fact, at some point we considered creating an Amazon book and running a fundraiser, but then realized...why can't we just ask for donations & fundraise for a good cause, spreading better health to all? That way, every penny of yours will go directly to our fundraiser.


Donate to the Hubermanac's GoFundMe here.

All donations go directly to St. Jude's Children's Hospital to help kids with cancer.

About the author

Hey there! I'm Ramya - it's great to meet you!

​I love Dr. Andrew Huberman's work and wanted to create a handbook for myself that condensed his health recommendations into easy-to-use action items for me to follow and create health plans from.

It sounded like so much work that I realized the only way I'd be willing to do the work required was if I sent this handbook to other people.

So, I hope to make your life a little happier, healthier, and more productive, with Professor Huberman's scientific expertise condensed into simple action items and written Huberman podcast snippets & summaries.

Just so you know:

Professor Huberman is not affiliated with this project. However, I'm drawing upon Huberman Lab's research and condensing it for you to easily access.


P.S. Connect with me on LinkedIn, and feel free to reach out!

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Let's defeat childhood cancer together.

Donate today and join other Hubermanac readers.

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